ARBIL Gas Power Station Project…………….( ABB)


Through Al Rai General Trading awarded with the GAS Power Station Project to complete the whole electro-mechanical works and steel structures for 4 x 125 MW GE Frame 8Eby subcontracting with ABB.


Project Name:            Arbil Gas Power Station (GPS).
Site location:              Kurdistan, Arbil, Beer Dawood, 30 Km from Arbil’s center.
Contact:                      ABB Germany Tel. +493091770, Web www.Abb.com
Total Contract:          Installation of the 4 x 125 MW GE Frames 8E, will all needed Electromechanical works including the fuel system, 6 AST tanks with 4,000 cubic meters, firefighting systems, commissioning and starting.
Sections:                     Main frames, AST Fuel storage tanks, AST row-water tank, firefighting system, pumping station, fuel system.
Technical Specs:         As per ABB Germany Standards, Iraqi Standards
Electro-Mechanical:  Commissioning and starting of the turbo generators, design and fabrication of the AST tanks, design and construct the fuel system including pumps, pipes interconnections, gas reducing station, the design, supply and installation of the complete firefighting system for the whole project, fabrication and commissioning of the 40 meters height steel stacks systems for the gas turbines with cladding and insulation.
Steel Structure:         Design, fabrication and installation of warehouses and workshops.
Civil Works:                Total site leveling, security walls for the whole project with 3 meters height, safety trench around the project, AST tanks foundation and the turbo generators foundation (For turbines, generators and main transformers) 700 cubic meters per unit.