Al Rai Group is a group of trading, contracting and industrial companies which dates back to the year 1962 when the older company named Al Mamdouh Co. was established and which in turn developed and grew to become a group of companies engaged in different industrial and commercial activities covering wide range of Industrial, contracting and  trading sectors.


In the late 1990s Al Rai Group expanded by adding new agencies and industries related to the power generation, mass prefabricated building solutions and steel structure industry.


Today, Al Rai became the owner of the biggest steel structure factory, and the biggest prefabricated concrete factory in Iraq with additional industrial activities in other different fields.


The below chart #1, explain the types and shares of business covered by Al Rai group


Al Rai Group Business Share % / past 3 years


The Values above based on the turnover in the last three years for the companies below:

- Al Rai Trading Co.
- Al Rai Energy Co.
- Isnad Engineering industries
- Baghdad Prefabricated Building Co.
- Others