SAMARA Diesel Power Plant Project…………….( Wärtsilä)


Through Al Rai General Trading awarded with the Smara Diesel Power Plant Project to complete the civil works and steel structures for 20 x 17 MW Diesel Engines Generators.


Project Name:         Smara Diesel Power Plant Project
Site location:           Salah Al Deen Governmental, Samara, 120 Km north of Baghdad
Contact:                    Wärtsilä of Finland Tel. +358107090000, Web www.wartsila.com
Total Contract:        over than 22,000 square meters steel structure hangars and service buildings and 13,000 cubic meters of civil works.
Sections:                   Main warehouse, several Service buildings, Power houses for the steel structure works and site leveling, all infra-service buildings, pavement, walls and buildings from the civil works aspect.
Technical Specs:    As per Wärtsilä Standards
SOW:                         Steel Structure: Materials supplement, design, detailing, fabrication, design revision, paint and finishing, delivery to the site, erection and all needed materials, equipment and supplies for the erection.
                                    Civil Works: Site leveling, delivery of materials, construction, road pavement, pathways pavement, HVAC building and installation, administration building, AST for fuel, pumping station, water intake station, maintenance workshops, residential housing for the project.
Machinery used:     More than 60 machines were used in the site and were owned by Al Rai group, diverted into: 6 hydraulic cranes, concrete batching plant, 8 truck-mixers, 10 trucks, 2 tankers, 5 excavator, 2 paving machines, 2 diggers, 10 levelers and more.