Industrial Steel Building


For factories, warehouses, industrial units, textile factories, process plants, breweries, chemical plants, refineries, treatment works, mines, recycling centers, food processing, water works, printing works, water processing.


Al Rai design and construct all types of factory building as well as metal structures, manufacturing buildings, process plant buildings, and copack buildings. Our industrial buildings are single storey or multi storey. We build lots of factory buildings every year including industrial estates, technology parks, production units, power stations, process buildings, bottling plants, distilleries and factory buildings

We could provide whatever our clients need in  the industrial steel structure projects like:


• Full design
• Design aid and consultancy
• Fabrication Drawings
• Manufacturing
• Erection

• Cladding and cladding accessories

Why to work with us!?


………. Because we could provide:


• Best quality at all
• Any project size
• All required Standards
• The best Price
• Shortest fabrication period

• Best steel sources