Natural  Ventilation Systems


Al Rai Group is keen to embed natural ventilation systems in all types of building to provide free energy whether it was for air change, cooling or heating, Natural ventilation also cut down energy expenses, total costs and carbon emissions.

We are able to design natural ventilation systems for wide range of buildings, as simple as caravan or as complicated as stadiums or melt-shops.

We have joint venture agreements with world leaders companies in designing and case study calculations and products designs, such as Zefyr Group in the United Kingdom.



  • Industrial Halls: Melt-shops, Rolling mills, smelters, Aluminum extrusion…. Ect
  • Large halls: Stadiums, Malls, Shopping centers, Sport halls, Closed Swimming pools, Cinemas, …Ect
  • Public Sectors: Hospitals, Airports, Court halls, Prisons.
  • Animal Barns: all types of farms and barns and rising halls for animals.



  • Air change: Provides more air change rates inserting additional fresh air inside.
  • Cooling: to remove extra heat produced from heat loss machines, by shrinking the air temperature differences from outside and inside.
  • Heating or heat preserving: by preserving the heat generated inside to reach the required temperature limits.
  • Smoke and Odor removing: by creating air waves or vacuum pressure or even suction vents and replace the indoor air with fresh air.


Intake louvers

The air intake louvers will provide a safe opening for letting only the air in, our design will prevent rain water and un required sun light to enter to the fitting zones.

We produce two main types of intake louvers according to the design: Operable louvers, Fixed Louvers.

  • Fixed Louvers:

Fixed louvers will have fixed position, and could not be closed or open widely, in the same time it will always be affordable while the operable louvers are always at higher prices, main types of fixed louvers:

    • Aluminum Extruded Louvers Panel: These louvers come preassembled in panels according to the required size.
    • Steel Fabricated Louvers Panels: fabricated from rolled formed and galvanized steel plate, welded or bolted to a steel frames.
    • Aluminum Extruded Panels: comes in aluminum profiles to be fitted on vertical posts and mullions, low price and easy solution.


  • Operable Louvers panels:  

could be controlled at any degree from closing point to the full opening points, leading to control the amount of air entering the zone and could be closed when no need or during sandstorms and windy weathers, Operable louvers could also used to direct sun light in, the main types of operable louvers:

  • Aluminum Extruded Panels: constructed from aluminum extruded panels with bearings and shafts providing free rotational movement
  • Steel Fabricated Panels: Constructed from roll formed or bended steel plates welded to both sides stainless steel shafts attached to bearings.
  • Operation Types:  There are two main mechanisms to operate and control louvers:


    • Manual: by manual crank handle mechanism
    • Electrical: by AC or DC Electrical motors controlled from electrical switches or wireless remote controls.

Ridge Ventilators (Roof Ventilators)

Ridge ventilators or roof vents are special designed structures to be installed on the top of the roof ridges, these vents have a wider upper opening's areas than the lower at the base, to insure a vacuum suction if wind passes over it.


We produce the most efficient roof vents that have the highest coefficient of discharge as high as 0.67, such value will lead get the highest air discharge.


Product base opening size (throat Size) 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m

Weight per meter square: 150 to 200 kg