Steel Fabrication Solutions


By our owned factory ISNAD Engineering Industries, We are able to produce all kinds of steel Structures, Steel Buildings, Steel Industrial projects, Hangars, prefabricated buildings, caravans, large and small steel bridges.


Our industrial strategy proofed it success in the leading large scale projects , more than 33,000 Tons of steel structures been produced in 2010 only and more scheduled for 2011, such capacities made us the largest steel fabricator in the area.


ISNAD Engineering Industries is a total solution for all steel related projects, diverting from

  • Light steel structures: pre fabricated buildings, caravans, cold stores, cold and normal trolley containers, schools, hospital buildings, as all related machines in this industry are CAD and CNC machines, no such machines available till now in the area, the fine cuts, precise punching, screw dimples and all needed processing stations are guided through a pre design wirelessly.
  • Medium Steel Structures: Diverting from commercial building, towers, high rise buildings, cages, security towers, large pylons, pedestrian bridges and medium scale industrial building and projects.


  • Heavy steel Industries: large industrial projects, heavy steel structures, oil and chemical structures and large steel bridges, marine and oil rigs, power stations structures, stadiums and other large sport buildings.


  • Hybrid  Solutions: Complete A to Z projects with all site preparation, civil works, supply of materials, fabrication and erection.


  • Other Accessories:
    • Corrugated roof sheets for walls and claddings.
    • Purlin and Girtz: C, Z and U profiles.
    • Butyl Sealing tape for roofs and walls.
    • Translucent and Semi translucent sheets.