Diesel Generators


Al Rai Trading is a distributer of two large southeast Asian professional manufacturers of diesel generators that’s adopt original imported engines manufactures by Caterpillar and Rolls-Royces USA, and Perkins UK.

These engines adopt the latest technologies and high quality grind-proof materials to assure a world class level.

And furthermore matches the Leroy Somer alternators manufactured by Emerson Group with NEMA1 and IP22 standards.
Our supply range start from 12kVa to 2,500 kVa


Switchgears and Control Panels:

Through our experience and the joint venture with Control Equipment Ltd. (Established in 1982 in Ireland), Al rai became a Leading Switchgear and Control Panel Manufacturers and willing to be the official licensee for the ABB MNS and ArTu Systems in Ireland. We produce a complete range of Switchgear for large scale industrial and commercial projects in multiple sectors.


Packaged Sub-Stations

Are generally provided as single or double ended units utilizing dry type transformers directly connected on the low tension side to the main breakers of the sub-station. Treble ended or multi supply can also be catered for using our type tested MNS system.



  • Direct connection of transformer via bus-bar to switchgear eliminates cables and associated hazards
  • Dry type transformer no oil spills
  • Internal mounting all equipment LV and MV in same area.
  • Pehla certification against arcing up to 50ka
  • Up to form 4 type 7 construction.



  • Space saving
  • Less cabling
  • Ease of maintenance